2023 Land Rover Range Rover HSE

2023 Land Rover Range Rover HSE

The Range Rover Supercharged has now earned the distinction of the most powerful Range Rover yet. Effortless performance and unbridled power is attained through its 5.0-litre, 510-hp supercharged V8, delivering excellent torque and effortless acceleration. As refined as it is exceptional, the Range Rover Supercharged is the pinnacle of esteemed luxury and advanced technology.

Vehicle Specs

0-60 mph: 5.30 seconds
Maximum Speed: 155 mph
Horsepower: 380 hp
Maximum : ---
Torque: 332 lb-ft @3500
Engine: 3.0L V6 Supercharged
Transmission: 8-spd Automatic

Vehicle Pricing

Daily Rate: $699
3-Day Special: $1899
Included Daily Mileage: 100
Cost per Additional Mile: $5.00
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